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Submitted by: Mike Ballou

Nebraska Cigars Time was when cigar smokers could indulge in their favorite vice and still "Buy Nebraskan." Although the state never rivalled Cuba's reputation for cigar making, a number of successful Nebraska businesses "rolled their own." As early as 1858 the papers reported, "Mr. Philip Dueser has commenced the manufacture of Segars in this city. We speak experimentally when we say Mr.Dueser's Segars are as nice as any we are in the habit of 'puffing'." The Omaha firm of West and Fristcher was the largest cigar manufacturer west of the Mississippi. Fremont and Lincoln both boasted cigar factories until World WarI. The Fremont firm of Saeger & Sons employed "twenty-five to thirty hands at the factory and in the year 1903 over 1 million cigars were the result of their skill and labor." One of the Saeger's most popular cigars sported a pretty young lady on the box label. And the cigar's name?

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