by Madge Acker Horner

      Harpstrings of history are the stories making rhythm and melody as the past.  Stories of noble examples of patriotism, of common people, of human longing.  Stories of the hills and vales and prairie and pioneers with the flight of years become legends of later generations. 

      In our land, the pioneer period is past.  Hardly a man yet lives who knew these prairies as a sea of grass.  Nor one who hunted deer and buffalo on the sites of our cities, or who followed overland trails in search of the rainbow's end.  Forgotten the sod house, dugouts and even the emigrant wagon.  The pioneer days are past but their witnesses are in our hearts.  No land is loved without its past tales and certainly this little glimpse of the past, written by my sister, about the small spot of the earth where our ancestors chose for our families to lie and grow and have our being is no exception.

      Grateful acknowledgment is due her for her research and thespirit of her writing which she prepared for the Centennialcelebration of our state's birthday in 1967.

© Oldtime Nebraska, 2000, Acknowledgment by Madge Acker Horner -- submitted by Patti Bacon, February, 1998