From: 26 Jun 1896 issue of Oakland Independent, published Oakland, Neb. (pg. 1, col 6)

Fourth of July Program at Tekamah, Nebraska


Salute - 100 guns at sunrise

Forming of grand parade at 9:30 a.m.

Parade at 9:45 am.

Order of Parade - Speaker of the Day, Mayor and City Council in carriages, Hose company, Hook and Ladder company, Band, G.A.R. Post in two magnificent floats, Float-Columbia, Float-The Union, Ladies' and Gent's on horseback, Band.

Merchants' Carnival of 45 Magnificent floats representing every branch of business, Band, Company H., N.N.G., Calathumpian Band, 150 Calathumpians on mules. Parade will disband at City Park.

Band Concert at 11:45 a.m.

Basket Dinner in the shade at the City Park and School House Park , at 12:15 p.m.

Music-Singing by chorus of 100 trained voices.

Addresss-Judge Keyser, followed by other prominent speakers.

Band Concert at 2 p.m.

Novelty program wil begin at the Fair Grounds promptly at 3 p.m., when the following program will be carried out:

Gum Rush-Boys under 10 years.

Ladies' Race-Purse $3.00. Run twenty-five feet around a stake and return, with spoon in mouth containing porcelain egg, first lady over the line, with egg still in spoon, winning.

Gentelmen's Three-legged Race - 100 feet. Purse $2.00. Run in paris, inside legs strapped together, first over the line winning.

Hen Race - One dozen hens will be liberated, those catching same can have them.

Novelty Mule Race - Purse $10. Quarter mile dash. Dismount, put on mother hubbard, re-mount and return. Heach contestant to furnish his own mother hubbard and ride his mule in parade in forenoon.

Free for all pony race (700 pounds or under) - Purse $8.00. Half-mile.

Novelty Burro and Dog race - Purse $2.00. Quarter-mile dash, both to be driven in harness to wagons; the burro by Captain Calathumpian Sackett and the dogs by Master Willie Show.

Free-for-all Running Race - Purse $25. One-half mile and repeat.

Barrel Race-Purse $1.50. Contstants to roll barrel fifty yards around a stake and return.

Bicycle race-Two miles. 1st prize, sweater; 2nd price, a cyclometer.

Boys' Running Race-300 feet. Purse $1.50. Boys to be under 15 years.

Grand street parade of the Burt county Bicyclists.

Magnificent display of fireworks.

Bowery dances, Band concerts, and other amusements, will occupy the entire evening!

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