Birth of the Red, White, & Blues

I once dropped in on Betsy Ross,
     Who trotted out her sewing bag.
This big brainstorm then came across:
      Convince the gal to make a flag!

"Betsy, while I'm here to see ya,
     Just stitch together thirteen bars.
(Oh boy, what a grand idea!)
      Now, in one corner, spread some stars.

"The intellectual always chooses
      Some practical utility,
Then discovers other uses
      For all its versatility.

"Color?   Now we'll never lack it!
      Miz Ross, your days won't seem the same.
Stick it on a trooper's jacket
      Or fly it at a baseball game!

"We'll raise it up in Boy Scout camps,
     Government offices, schools, and courts.
We'll put it on our postage stamps.
      Parade it for Olympics sports.

"Happy folks with flagging notions
      Will paste decals on car windows.
Ships will show it on the oceans.
      Say, can you see Old Glory's pose?

"I hold my patriotic view
      Of colors waving -- South or North.
Ripple now, you Red, White and Blue!
      Let it all hang out, July 4th.

"Zogby might canvass with a goal
      Just to show no one refutes it;
And then let's run it up the pole,
      My dear, and see who salutes it."

-- Claude Hopper

© Oldtime Nebraska -- Birth of the Red, White, & Blues, submitted by Claude Hopper - first: October 1998, revised: November 1999