Fly Away With Me, Marie, In My Merry P2V

What, Orv and Wilbur, got into you guys?
      Did you lose your minds somewhere in the skies?
Of all the crazy contraptions I've seen,
      You've concocted yourselves a flying machine.

Use it for pleasure, then try it in war
      And never return to times of before.
Get everyone raised off the ground, and soon
      They'll want to be flown away to the moon.

Do we need to go up so doggone high?
      Were people really intended to fly?
You think there's a normal need for those things?
      Why shouldn't God have just given us wings?

Considering all that you got started,
      What'll come down when you have departed?
I'm betting you fellows won't stick around
      When one of those things falls smack to the ground.

Those big-wheel bikes you presently have'll
      Be a more practical means of travel.
Folks will discover, progressing along,
      Some times when two Wrights will just make a wrong.

-- Claude Hopper

© Oldtime Nebraska -- Fly Away with Me, Marie; submitted by Claude Hopper - October 1998