Abbreviations (and Acronyms)

A. F. & A. M. -- Ancient Free & Accepted Masons
A. F. B. S. -- American and Foreign Bible Society
AK-SAR-BEN -- The alphabetic letters of 'Nebraska'
                    arranged in reverse order
A. M. -- Ante-meridian (between midnight and noon)
A. O. F. -- Ancient Order of Foresters
A. O. H. -- Ancient Order of Hibernians
A. O. U. W. -- Ancient Order of United Workmen
AU-H2O -- Barry
B. M. O. C. -- Big Man on Campus
B. O. -- Buyers's option
B. O. -- Body odor
B. P. O. E. -- Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
B. U. M. -- Big Ugly Mutha
B. Y. O. B. -- Bring your own Bible.
C -- Roman Numeral value of 100
C. M. T. C. -- Citizens' Military Training Camp
C. S. A. -- Confederate States of America
C. S. N. -- Confederate States Navy
cwt. -- hundredweight (100 lbs., avoirdupois)
c. y. a. -- cover your actions
D -- Roman Numeral value of 500
D. A. R. -- Daughters of the American Revolution
ditto -- same as before
dittoes -- I appreciate your radio show, El Rushbo!
D. L. O. -- Dead Letter Office
D. O. A. -- Dead on arrival
D. O. A. -- Dumbing of America
do. -- ditto [Italian]
DOS -- Disk Operating System
dos -- two
D. V. M -- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
e. g. -- For example. [Latin, exempli gratia]
EKIS -- Early Kansas Imprint Scanners
Et Ux. -- And wife [Latin]
F. & A. M. -- Free & Accepted Masons
F. B. -- Fenian Brotherhood
F. B. I. -- Full-blooded Indian
F. F. V. -- First Families of Virginia
F. O. E. -- Fraternal Order of Eagles
F. O. P. -- Fraternal Order of Police
fubar -- fouled up beyond all recognition
G. A. R. -- Grand Army of the Republic
G. B. -- Great Britain
GIGO -- garbage in, garbage out
Gigio -- Topo
G. O. P. -- "Grand Old Party," Republican Party
G. P. M. -- Grand Past Master
G. T. -- Good Templars
H. M. M. -- High Mucky Muck
H. M. S. -- Her Majesty's Ship, His Majesty's Ship
H. A. -- Horse Artillery
H. G. -- Horse Guards
HVN -- Heritage Village / Nebraska history,   obs.
I - Roman Numeral value of 1
IBM -- Big Blue
I. N. R. I -- Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
                    [Latin, Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum]
inst. -- Instant (of the present month).
I. O. B. B. -- Independent Order of B'nai B'rith
I. O. G. T. -- Independent Order of Good Templars
I. O. O. F. -- Independent Order of Odd Fellows
I. O. R. M. -- Improved Order of Red Men
I. O. S. M. -- Independent Order of the Sons of Malta
I. S. M. -- Jesus, Savior of the World
                    [Latin, Jesus Salvator Mundi]
I. W. W. -- Independent Workers of the World
J. A. G. -- Judge Advocate General
J. P. -- Justice of the Peace
KanColl -- The Kansas Collection
K. C. -- Kansas City
K. C. -- Knights of Columbus
K. of C. -- Knights of Columbus
K. G. -- Knight of the Garter
K. K. K. -- Ku Klux Klan
K. T. -- Knight Templar
K. T. -- Kansas Territory
L -- Roman Numeral value of 50
leone -- leading expert on nearly everything
L. Ger. -- Low German
L. O. M. -- Loyal Order of Moose
M -- Roman Numeral value of 1000
M. A. -- Military Academy
modem -- modulator/demodulator
M. P. -- Member of Parliament
M. L. G. -- Middle Low German
MS. -- Manuscript
MSS. -- Manuscripts
N. G. -- Noble Grand
N. R. A. -- National Rifle Association
N. S. -- New Style calendar
                    (adopted in U. K. and Colonies during 1752)
N. S. J. C. -- Our Savior, Jesus Christ
                    [Latin, Noster Salvator Jesus Christus]
N. T. -- New Testament of the Holy Bible
N. T. -- Nebraska Territory
N. V. -- New Version
N. W. S. A. -- National Woman's Suffrage Association
N. W. T. -- North-west Territory
O. K. -- All correct
O. S. -- Old Style calendar
                    (used in U. K. and Colonies before 1752)
O. T. -- Old Testament of the Holy Bible
OTN -- Oldtime Nebraska
O. U. A. -- Order of United Americans
PC -- Personal Computer
P. C. -- Political correctness
P. C. -- Pawnee City
P. C. -- Pepsi Cola
P. D. -- Printer's Devil
P. E. -- Protestant Episcopal
P. F. -- Peggy Fleming
P. G. M. -- Past Grand Master
P. I. -- Private investigator
pk. -- Peck
P. M. -- Post-meridian (between noon and midnight)
P. M. -- Postmaster
P. O. -- Post Office
P. O. -- upset
P. T. O. -- Please turn over (e. g., page).
P. T. O. -- Power take-off
pwt. -- pennyweight (24 grains or 1/20th ounce, troy)
QB -- Quarterback
Q. E. D. -- Which was to be demonstrated
R. - Range
R. C. -- Reformed Church
R. C. -- Roman Catholic
R. C. -- Royal Crown Cola
R. C. A. -- Reformed Church in America
R. C. A. -- Radio Corporation of America
R. C. A. Victor -- Radio Corporation of America - Victor
R. C. A. Victor -- Robert Charles Arthur Victor Borge
R. F. D. -- Rural Free Delivery
R. I. P. -- Rest in peace.
R. O. -- Receiving Office
S. A. E. -- Society of Automotive Engineers
SAR -- Search and Rescue
s. m. p. -- without male issue
snafu -- situation normal -- all fouled up
s. o. l. -- surely out of luck
S. P. G. -- Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
S. R. I. -- Holy Roman Empire
STOP -- state tax on petrol
SWAG -- silly wild approximated guess
T. -- Township
TCB -- Take care of business.
TD -- score of six points by rushing, passing,
                    returning, or turnover
T. G. I. F. -- Toes go in first.
T. O. -- Telegraph Operator
T. O. -- Turn over.
T. O. -- Dr. Tom
TOS -- Tape Operating System
T. U. -- Trade union
twp. -- township
U. K. -- United Kingdom
ult. -- Last (or of the last month) [Latin, ultimo]
U. P. R. R. -- Union Pacific Railroad
u. s. c. -- up some creek
U. S. R. -- Usher of the Scarlet Rod
Ux. -- Wife
V -- Roman Numeral value of 5
V. I. P. -- Very Important Person
V. M. D. -- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
V. O. -- (Royal) Victorian Order
V. P. -- Vice President
V. S. -- Veterinary Surgeon
WOO -- window of opportunity
WYSIWYG -- whizzywig
X -- Roman Numeral value of 10
zzzzz -- snooze

Oldtime Nebraska -- abbreviations list submitted by Dick Taylor